People believe in what they hear and see but they believe the most in how they feel and experience. That’s where UX plays an important role!

About ME

From an Educator to a
UX Designer

Adept at conducting user research and optimising interfaces to enhance user interaction. Efficient at delivering innovative solutions for various CMS, LMS platforms and website builders.

Who am i?

Sakshi Narang

I’m a self-taught User Researcher and Instructional Designer. I did many online courses to learn about UX and gained expertise while working on some real-life projects.

Currently, I’m working part-time with CRCC Asia and designing CareerBridge their e-learning platform to deliver their Global Internship Curriculum to interns going abroad.

I am also working pro-bono for SoCalization to redesign their e-commerce website that aims to promote the culture of  Southern California in Japan by selling food and beverages.

Since childhood, I have been keen to draw and illustrate. My passion for design forced me switch career and aspire to be a designer from an educator.


Online Courses

The online courses that I have been doing to learn and acquire UX skills.

Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design

Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design


Digital Skills: User Experience

Digital Skills: User Experience


Get Started with Adobe Illustrator

Get Started with Adobe Illustrator