Case Studies

Work that I have been doing to hone my skills.


Creating my own website to showcase my work through a portfolio, share my ideas in a blog, make an online presence, and reach out to clients.


Redesigning CRCC Asia’s E-learning platform CareerBridge to deliver their Global Internship Curriculum to increase learner engagement.


Redesigning SoCalization’s
E-commerce website to enhance conversion rate and attract more customers.


Sakshinarang.com: My Blog and Website

I have created my website sakshinarang.com to showcase my projects and post my blogs based on a variety of topics that I am interested in. Having a keen eye for design, I precisely selected colours to give it a minimalistic look.

Feel free to explore…


CareerBridge: An E-learning Website of CRCC Asia

CareerBridge is a professional development hub, meticulously designed to enrich the internship journey of international interns. It’s based on CRCC Asia’s five key learning objectives: Employability, Cultural Agility, Career Field Knowledge, Country Specific Knowledge, and Global Connections.

In iteration phase…

Global Internship Curriculum to enhance the overall experience of students and help them achieve their personal and professional growth.


SoCalization: An E-commerce Website

SoCalization is an e-commerce business of drinks like wines and champagnes specifically from Califormina. The redesigning process is in progress. The goal is to develop a website which will be:

Under development…